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A BIGGHER hit than I expected!!!

A BIGGHER hit than I expected!!!

We wanted something fun, different and unexpected at our party and had seen these booths in the past. LuLu’s pricing was right in our budget so we gave it a go… The booth was OUT OF CONTROL POPULAR. Our guests showed a side of themselves I never expected (I guess what happens behind the curtain doesn’t stay behind the curtain!) The Booth comes with double photo strips so each couple could get two copies and the pictures were printed by the time we squeezed ourselves out of the booth. LuLu’s owners arranged the set up with the venue and was set and ready to go well before the party so I didn’t have to worry about that part at all. They provided cute props too…which of course, inspired memorable photos…which luckily, we received a digital album of so we could see all the “blackmail worthy” shots that were taken throughout the evening. Thanks LuLu’s…bravo!

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